Duffel Bag Wholesaler and Supplier

Shopping for large rolling duffel bags can be quite the challenge. Local retail stores will often carry the price point duffel bags and nothing else. This often will exclude large oversized duffel bags. At bigduffles.com, you will find a great selection of these hard-to-find big duffle bags that, at times, seem never to exist.

Wholesale Duffel Bag Prices Available

Here at Big Duffles we make sure to pass along any savings you deserve. If you are purchasing for a business or organization, please call 208-228-5655. We offer wholesale pricing for larger bulk orders.

Western Pack Duffel Bags

Western Pack products continue to be our best sellers. They provide an extremely durable product for a fraction of the cost of name brand duffle bags. The little things that go unnoticed are: added rivets to handles, thicker thread count, non-recycled plastic, ball-bearing wheels, and Light-weight trolley handles. These little things make a big difference in the life of your duffel bag.

Transworld Duffels

Transworld has been around for over a decade and continues to provide a great duffel bag at a great price. Large duffel bags are their specialty. Their products are best if used for car travel or summer camps.

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