Switzerland Travel Tips & Guides


Airline Fees - The Complete List (Bags, Seats, Food and More)
Airline Fees - The Complete List (Bags, Seats, Food and More)


The Best Train Journeys in Switzerland (Cheaper Than You Think)
If you’re thinking of sampling the awe-inspiring vistas of Switzerland, train travel is an excellent way to go. Not only[...]
Best Brunch Spots in Zurich (As Picked By Locals)
Zurich locals love nothing more than a good brunch. Whether you are with a group of friends to reminisce the[...]
15 Things to do in Grindelwald (Fun, Adventure & Epic Views)
Grindelwald is an idyllic little village in the Jungfrau region. In winter and spring, this town is a winter wonderland.[...]
Switzerland vs. Austria: The Best Alpine Destination Is?
Located at the heart of Europe, dominated by the world famous Alps, and thriving in the midst of breathtaking sceneries[...]
1 Week In Switzerland Itinerary: All The Highlights
Ah, Switzerland. An alpine wonderland filled with chocolate and cheese! What is there not to love?The biggest challenge you will[...]
20 Things to do in St. Gallen
Most visitors to Switzerland have not heard of St Gallen, or pay it little attention (yes, Zurich & Geneva are[...]

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